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Author(s): Aarnik, A.J.A, M.J.M, Wagemans and A.J. van den Berg
Publication Date: January 1, 1997
Reference: Livestock Environment V. Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium. American Society of Agricultural Engineering. St Joseph, Michigan. p.86-92
Country: Netherlands


Changes were made in the floor design and the climatization to optimize the conditions for growing pigs by improving the air quality and the lying comfort of the animal and also to reduce the ammonia volatilization from the floor and the manure in the pit. By lowering the manure pit area from 50 to 25%, the ammonia volatilization can be reduced significantly. Metal slatted floors also contribute to lowering the ammonia emissions compared to concrete slatted floor. By partially covering the slatted floor with naps this will result in less fouling of the solid floor as the animals will not lay on the slatted area and subsequently soiling the solid floor thus resulting in less ammonia emissions. The tested ventilation systems influenced significantly that the air quality at the stockman and pigs breathing areas. The total dust concentration and the ammonia concentration were higher in systems using bedding (sawdust) and this should be considered even if the animal welfare is increased. Changes in the pen floor design and climate control system can significant effects on the air quality and the ammonia emissions.

Five different slatted floor types and two different ventilation systems (high inlet and outlet, low inlet and outlet) were tested. The ventilation system with low inlet and outlet resulted in lower ammonia concentrations at the animal level but the same emission rates through the exhausted air were measured.

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