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How do I Maximize my Returns by Incorporating Field Peas and Pulses into my Diets ?

Posted in: Economics, Nutrition, Pork Insight Articles by admin on July 13, 2017

The conclusions from the studies discussed in this presentation found that:

  • Pulses are a good protein complement for wheat and barley, not for com
  • The net energy value or the pulses is
    • lower than that of wheat
    • higher than that of soybean meal
  • The level of nntinutritional factors in pulses is genernlly too low to affect significnntly the perfonnnnces of the pig
  • The availability of the amino acids of pulses for the pig might be lower than that predicted by their digestibility
  • Pulses can account for 30 to 40 % of the diet of growing pig as long as the diets ore correctly balanced, namely in Tryptophan and methionine


How do I Maximize my returns by incorporating field pease and pulses into my diets

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