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Author(s): Halverson, M.K. and M.S. Honeyman
Publication Date: January 1, 1997
Reference: Livestock Environment V. Proceeding of the Fifth International Symposium. Edited by R.W. Bottcher and S.J. Hoff. American Society of Agricultural Engineering. St Joseph, Michigan 49085-9659. p.401-408.
Country: United States


A cooperative project is currently being done to integrate to some Iowa farms models of more human and sustainable pig production systems developed by Swedish farmers in response to increasing environmental, animal welfare, consumer protection pressure and also in response to specific regulations in Sweden. The models tested were chosen considering swine welfare swine and maternal behavior of sows observations obtained in experimental settings that were semi-natural. Management-intensive, deep-bedded, group housing system for gestating, farrowing and nursing sows and their litter are tested in 3 cooperating Minnesota and Iowa farms including on the Armstrong Research and Demonstration Farm (Lewis, Iowa) of the Iowa State University. Monitoring of the adoption and adjustment processes is realized and preliminary results show that Midwestern hog farmers could benefit from the Swedish model however attentive and consistant high-level management is required to obtain good production performances.

This production is likely to produce ammonia and nitrous oxide as other systems on litter. However no information is given and no measurements on those gases were done. These systems are more time consuming for the manure management.

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