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Author(s): Ni, J., A.J. Heber, T.T. Lim, R. Duggirala, B.L. Haymore, C.A. Diehl and A.L. Sutton
Publication Date: January 1, 1998
Reference: Paper 984050, 1998 ASAE Annual International Meeting. July 12-14, 1998. ASAE, 2950, Niles Road, St.Joseph, MI 49085-9659. 13p.
Country: United States


Hydrogen sulfide gas is on of the most dangerous gases produced from manure decomposition, being produced through anaerobic fermentation of manure. Hydrogen sulfide concentration of 50 ppb can cause dizziness, nauisea and irriatation of the respiratory tract, and concentrations in excess of 1,000 ppb can cause respiratory paralysis or death.

Hydrogen sulfide concentration were measured in three locations in a naturally ventilated grower-finisher barn: pit-head space, pit fans and wall fans. Average daily mean concentration ranged from 158 – 197 ppb, averaging 158 +/-21 for all three locations, with a maximum and minimum of 38 and 536 ppb respectively. There were also wide daily concentration fluctuations and moderate concentration diffeences wre apparent between the three locations. Demonstrating the importance of selecting the proper location for measurement.

The average daily hydrogen sulfide emission was 587 +/-57 g/d or 7.0 +/- g/d per 500 kg of body weight from the building. The daily hydrogen sulfide emsissions were between 2-6 g/d per 500 kg fo body weight over half of the days that were being tested. The daily indoor concentration levels were found to be inversely porporational to the ventilation rate and inside temperature. The daily emission rate was directly porportional to the ventilation rate, temperature and pig weight.

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