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Author(s): Whittington, D.L.
Publication Date: January 1, 2006
Reference: Prairie Swine Centre Media Release
Country: Canada


Saskatoon – Dr. John Patience, President and CEO of Prairie Swine Centre recently received the Award for Excellence in Nutrition and Meat Sciences from the Canadian Society of Animal Science (C.S.A.S.).

The award recognizes excellence in teaching, research or technology transfer in the area of animal nutrition or meat science. The award is sponsored by the Shur-Gain Division of Maple Leaf Foods, and is presented at the annual meeting of the society.

John’s list of accomplishments in nutrition research include expanding our knowledge of amino acid and energy metabolism, of water quality and utilization, of understanding and capitalizing on the variability of common feed ingredients, and of the importance of dietary electrolyte balance. In the citation the Society recognized John’s other accomplishments:
Ø A popular speaker at industry and academic events having made more than 200 presentations in 8 Canadian provinces, 14 U.S. states, and 5 other countries
Ø Former President of the C.S.A.S., former Assistant Editor of the Canadian Journal of Animal Science, former member of the editorial board of the Journal of Animal Science
Ø A current or former director of the Farm Animal Council of Saskatchewan, Pharmalytics, Agwest Biotech, and SPI
Ø Co-founder of the Western Nutrition Council and the Saskatchewan Pork Industry Symposium

“John’s contribution to important scientific issues is well recognized, but it is his focus on providing practical, application-oriented information that sets him apart in the industry” notes Bryan Perkins, of Perkins Family Farms, Wainwright, Alberta. “As Chairman of the Prairie Swine Center Board of Directors, and a pork producer, I have watched John build Prairie Swine Center into an internationally recognized scientific institution, that speak directly to industry needs.”

Prairie Swine Centre Inc., located in Saskatoon, is a non-profit research corporation affiliated with the University of Saskatchewan, and is recognized globally for its contributions to practical, applied science in pork production in the disciplines of Nutrition, Engineering and Animal Behaviour.

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