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Author(s): J.F. Patience
Publication Date: March 28, 2013
Reference: London Swine Conference, 2013
Country: Canada


Increased feed costs highlight the importance of feed efficiency, which can be measured in multiple ways. However, feed costs and barn management should not be overlooked if feed efficiency is improved. Since there are multiple ways to measure feed efficiency, care needs to be taken when for in farm comparisons, and for bench-marking comparisons. Feed efficiency can be impacted by the barn environment, genetics, herd health, diet composition, and pig management. The barn environment mainly concerns maintaining proper temperature, which can be affected by ventilation and dampness. Genetics can alter feed efficiency, growth rate, and feed intake, so there will likely be trade-offs to improve one or multiple traits. High herd health status will improve feed efficiency, and highlights the need for strong biosecurity protocol. Diet composition can influence feed efficiency through energy concentrations, nutrients, additives, and form of feed. Finally, pig management includes feeder design, feeder space, and whether pigs are sorted (not recommended).

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