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Author(s): Rocky Morrill
Publication Date: January 1, 2004
Reference: Banff Pork Seminar 2004
Country: Canada


Peace Pork Inc. installed over 50 automatic sorters in finishing barns. 16 were fully slatted and the rest were partially slatted. They operate two 8000 head finishing barns by a single crew of 4 people. The crew was weighing and shipping pigs constantly. This brought about the idea of these large group auto-sorting systems. The economic advantages include reduction of labour costs, higher percentage of hogs in the target weight zone, and increased utilization of barn space. By adopting the innovation of group housing and sorters, Peace Pork has learned that the technology is a great tool to address one of the biggest problems facing pig producers, which is attracting and maintaining quality staff. Large group grow-finish pigs allow for a working environment that is easier, safer, and involves less stress. Sorting, shipping, and improving target weights are much easier to obtain with this system and pigs are happier in a better social environment. There is an excellent payback period for investment due to improved volume of pigs, savings in labour, and higher packer returns.

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