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Author(s): Manure Manager
Publication Date: January 1, 2001
Reference: Manure Manager and Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development
Country: Canada


There are a number of existing beneficial management practices livestock producers can now use to potentially reduce manure odor, and many more are currently being researched to evaluate their effectiveness. For most operations, improving odor management requires a combination of several strategies because livestock odor is influenced by many factors, which include: adjusting animal diets; considering the site and facility operations; options for manure storage and treatment; and applying manure to land. This fact sheet deals with what options producers can consider for reducing odor when choosing a site, designing livestock facilities and/or storing and treating manure at those facilities. Furthermore, a number of researchers worldwide are developing and testing many promising technologies for reducing odor. These include the use of oil sprinkling, biofilters, additives and composting. Private and public researchers in North America and Europe are investigating many potential approaches to reduce manure odor, such as electrical and electrochemical processes, ozonation, ultrasound, a membrane filtration system that can handle thick slurries, and resonant shock waves. Research is underway to measure manure quality and odor emissions from livestock operations. It will compare manure treated with various composting methods and raw manure. This research is part of an industry/government odor control initiative to minimize odor emissions from livestock operations. This fact sheet is part of a series on odor and odor reduction for livestock operations from Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development. Copies of the other fact sheets in this series and more information on odor is available at the AAFRD web site at www.agric.gov.ab.ca.

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