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Mitigating DON Through Optimal Use of Blood Plasma in Nursery Diets

Posted in: Pork Insight Articles, Prairie Swine Centre by admin on November 2, 2016

Previous research showed that nursery pigs fed deoxynivalenol (DON) contaminated diets supplemented with spray-dried porcine plasma (SDPP) had similar growth rate and feed intake as those consuming noncontaminated diets. In this study, two blocks of 100 weanling pigs were used
to determine the optimal inclusion level of spray-dried bovine plasma(SDBP) required in nursery diets contaminated with DON to maintain growth performance. Growth performance was not statistically different for pigs fed the diets with DON contaminated diets and the diet without DON. Also, adding SDBP to the DON-contaminated diets had no eff ct on nursery pig growth performance. Therefore, we were not able to determine the optimal inclusion level of SDBP in the DON-contaminated nursery diet.


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