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National Chair in Swine Welfare – Your Input is Important

Posted in: Press Releases by admin on October 5, 2015

A notice for industry participation in the selection of the industry-sponsored National Chair in Swine Welfare.

The presentations by the candidate to seek the National Chair in Swine Welfare position took place September 24-25 in Saskatoon. A packed lecture theater on the Thursday drew industry, academics and students to learn about the proposed research program and how that will address the challenges of the Canadian pork industry in the areas of care and welfare. The second presentation spoke directly to Canada’s Code of Practice. To accommodate the national scope and support of this position we are inviting the industry to view and comment on the presentations made by Dr. Yolnade Seddon during the interview process.

Both presentations can be found in the links below.

This interview team is committed to gathering comments from the industry people who met Yolande in person, as well as those who will see her within the video links attached.

Please send any questions or comments to Lee Whittington or Committee Chair Dr. Murray Jelinski, Western College of Veterinary Medicine, by Friday October 9.

Thank you for your continued interest and support for this important industry-funded position.

Please copy and paste the following links into your web browser.
For other interviews with Dr Seddon see
Thank you for your input and support.

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