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Author(s): R.T. Zijlstra and J.F. Patience
Publication Date: January 1, 1998
Reference: Prairie Swine Centre Annual Report 1998 pp. 28-29
Country: Canada


Field peas are used increasingly as a source for protein and energy in swine rations in Western Canada. The variability of the DE content of field peas has been described in the 1997 Annual Report. The objective of the present study is tot determine the effects of increased knowledge of nutritional value on animal performance. The DE content in 11 field pea samples ranged from 3098 to 3739 kcal/kg. The specific objective of this study was to reach equal performance among growing pigs fed the described field pea samples. Thus, 30% field pea diets were formulated with equal DE protein, and total l amino acid content (3300 kcal DE, 16.3% CP, and 0.92% total lysine). Minimal differences were observed in average daily feed intake and subsequent pig performance among the 11 field pea diet, indicating that re-formulation of diets using known values for DE content resulted in fairly equal pig performance. More detailed knowledge of ingredient composition is needed to obtain uniform pig performance.

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