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Nutritive Value of Lentils in Pigs – Monograph

Posted in: Nutrition, Pork Insight Articles, Prairie Swine Centre by admin on July 6, 2017

Research conclusions

1. As an ingredient containing, on average, 41% of starch and 27% of crude protein, lentils are appropriate for swine nutrition
2. Lentils provide 3, 71 S kcal of digestible energy per kg dry matter, which is comparable to the energy provided by fababeans and slightly lower than that provided by field peas
3. Lentil proteins have a high lysine content, comparable to that of soybean meal, and in threonine but are deficient in sulphur .containing amino acids and in tryptophan
4. The freezing oflentils has no effect on their digestible energy value in pigs but adversely affects the apparent ileal digestibility of their amino acids
5. Due to its low apparent digestibility, threonine might also be a limiting amino
6. Pigs can tolerate at least 30% oflentils in their diets

Nutritive value of lentils in pigs

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