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Author(s): Jcobson, L.D., D. Paszek, R. Nicloai, D.R. Schmidt, B. Hetchler and J. Zhu
Publication Date: January 1, 1999
Reference: Paper 994004, 1999 ASAE Annual International Meeting. July 18-22, 1999. ASAE, 2950, Niles Road, St.Joseph, MI 49085-9659. 10p.
Country: United States


Odour and hydrogen sulfide samples were collected from 19 animal storage sites and 26 livestock and poultry buildings in Minnesota throughout 1998. Samples were collected at each one of the locations in spring summer and fall, with the samples be taken from the surface of the manure storage facility and outside the fans on the buildings. These samples were not collected at the property as per Minnesota regulation. H2S and odour building concentration and emission levels varied 22 – 1156 ppb repectively, while odour emission rates ranged from 24 -1515 o.u.. While manure storage concentration and emsission levels ranged from 9 – 1003 ppn for H2S and 39 – 217.2 o.u. for odour. Both odour and H2S levels were found to vary throughout the study, rates were dependant on surface moisture, temperature, wind speed and other factors. H2s and odour concentration levels were found to be more constant over the summer and fall period than other livestock, however these levels were also reported one magnitude higher than dairy levels. The building odour levels show higher values earlier in the year as they did for manure storage units but the magnitude is considerably lower. H2S levels are also lower in magnitude than for pig manure storage units, but do show a similar trend of higher values in the fall compared to those recorded in the spring and summer.

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