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Author(s): Jacobson, L.D.
Publication Date: January 1, 1997
Reference: In: Environmental Issues in Pork Production. The Allen D. Leman Swine Conference. September 20, 1997. Minnesota Extension Service. University of Minnesota. p. 44-55
Country: United States


Considering the negative impact pig production can have on the neighbors by the odor emissions and also the concern in Minnesota associated with the state standard on H2S on ambient air (30 ppb for 1/2 hour not to be exceeded twice in 5 days or 50 ppb for 1/2 hour not to be exceeded twice in one year) a study was initiated (measurements done in the fall 1996 and the spring and summer 1997) to evaluate a variety of manure storage systems from around the state. The air samples collected in a floating “equilibrium” chamber were analyzed by a panel using and olfactometer to determine the odor concentration (odor units). and H2S measurements were done by a Jerome TM meter (for concentration lower than 20 ppm) and also using Sensidyne TM colorimetric detector tubes. The results collected from the different pig manure storage systems (40 in total divided into 4 types of storage: indoor deep pits (14), outdoor concrete/metal structures (8), earthen basins (14), and 2nd stage earthen basins (4)) did not show any advantage of a system over another when considering odor dilution thresholds and H2S concentrations. Variations seem to occur seasonally with odor levels higher in the spring and H2S concentrations higher in the fall. Further measurements will be done in 1997-1998 and more information will be available to help explain some variations.

This experiment will give valuable information about manure storage systems considering odor and H2S emissions and the possible seasonal variations. No system seems to present better performances but attention could be given to certain period of the year when the emissions are higher if some treatments or measures were to be consider for odor or H2S abatement.

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