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Author(s): Jacobson, L.D., C. Radman, D. Schmidt and R. Nicolai
Publication Date: January 1, 1997
Reference: Livestock Environment V. Volume 1. Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium. Edited by Robert W. Bottcher, Steven J. Hoff. Published by the American Society of Agricultural Engineering. St. Joseph, Michigan. 49085-9659. p. 93-100
Country: United States


Investigations on odor and hydrogen sulfide emissions have been done on 30 pig manure storage facilities in Minnesota. A wide range of odor concentration levels and hydrogen sulphide concentrations have been measured during fall weather conditions. A procedure to sample the odor directly over the manure was elaborated in order to eliminate other odor sources. Storage classification was made and the results are presented according to this classification: indoor deep pit, outdoor concrete metal structure, earthen basin and 2nd stage earthen basin. No storage system showed lower concentrations for both parameter measured. The average odor concentration measure for all storage systems was 150 odor units. H2S concentration measurements were higher for non earthen systems than for earthen basins. The H2S concentration were distributed in two blocs with concentrations around lower than 10 ppm or higher than 50 ppm.
The methods used to realize the experiment are well presented and are follow ASTM and European Standards. No trend and no logical physical explanation can justify the large differences in odor dilution threshold and H2S concentrations obtained from the different manure storage systems. Thus not initially expected, the role that management practices may play in odor and gas emissions could probably be accounted for these large differences. As the experiment continue in 1997 more results and investigation will probably help in the determination of the factors affecting odor and gas production such as possible seasonal effects, temperature, animal diets, pumping frequencies, and general storage management.

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