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Author(s): Verdoes, N. (1) and N.W.M. Ogink (2)
Publication Date: January 1, 1997
Reference: Ammonia and Odour Control from Animal Production Facilities. Proceedings of the International Symposium. Vinkeloord, The Netherlands. October 6-10, 1997. p.317-325.
Country: Netherlands


Presently in the Netherlands for each category of pigs, low cost Green Label systems are available. Low ammonia emission (Green Label) and most of the time low odour emission are criteria for permitting the building of new livestock facilities. This paper presents research done to determine the odour emission levels of 5 systems for different categories of pig that are under The Dutch Green Label standard for ammonia emission. Those systems are variations of traditional system’s with differences in the units lay-out and in some case changes also in the feeding strategies. For each systems 5 odour samples were taken in both summer and winter. The measurements and analysis were done accordingly to the newly developed protocol for animal housings odour emissions. Results showed that consistently the odour emission were higher in the summer than in the winter. The odour emissions are expressed in odour units/s per pig place and the geometric mean of each system are as follow: 10.92 for dry sows in rooms with small manure channels, 35.27 for farrowing sows in rooms with a water and a manure channel, 4.95 for weaned piglets in an optimized pen design, 14.21 for fatteners in an optimized pen design and fed with acid salts in the feed and 10.10 for fatteners in an optimized pen design and fed with multiphase feeding these two systems represent an odour emission reduction of 37% and 55% (P<0.025) respectively compare to fatteners' traditional housing. Results' analysis show that more research is needed to identify the factors that affect odour emission and the relations between odour concentration and ammonia concentration. The odour emission ratios between categories found in this experiment differ from the ones on the present regulatory system. Ways of reducing odour emissions were tested with a rigorous protocol and actual emissions were tested to complete the Green Label regulation regarding odour emission. All odour emission mechanisms are far from well understood and as mentioned, research is need.

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