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Author(s): Williams, C.M.
Publication Date: January 1, 0000
Reference: Williams, C.M. (). On-Farm Odour Control Technologies: Issues, Current Options and Perspective for the Future. Animal and Poultry Waste Management Center.
Country: United States


Odour issues are no longer simply nuisances but are becoming health risks. In the U.S and elsewhere, agribusiness industries and research institutions are expending considerable time and resources towards on-farm odour control technologies and management practices to address this challenge.
Current odour technologies include diet manipulation, manure treatment, emissions treatment and emissions dispersion. Others include simply increasing the distance between odour producing sources and their neighbours.
Research in North Carolina has come up with a number of new technologies such as greenhouse vegetable production systems, constructed wetlands systems, upflow biofiltration systems, manure solids conversion to insect biomass (for value-added processing into animal feed protein meal and oil system), and many more. Some of these are in operation and others are still in design stages.
The current technologies, which are primarily for controlling water pollution, will not likely be adequate in the near future. This is why these new technologies are being identified and going through performance verification and economic feasibility tests. It must also be recognized that significant time, resources and incentives will be required in order to implement these new or adjusted technologies.

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