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Author(s): S. P. Lemay, H.Guo, and E.M. Barber
Publication Date: January 1, 1999
Reference: Prairie Swine Centre Annual Report 1999 pp. 24-25
Country: Canada


Summer months bring elevated temperatures, which can reduce pig growth rate by decreasing feed intake. It has been suggested that a reduced temperature setpoint during summer months could sustain pig performance by perhaps modifying pig eating behavior and stimulating the average daily feed intake. Both a pilot study and a large scale experiment were conducted to evaluate the impact of a reduced nocturnal temperature strategy on the performance and carcass quality of growing-finishing pigs over summer months. The reduced temperature setpoint was set 6A?A?C lower than typical commercial barn temperature setpoints. The rooms with reduced temperature setpoints resulted in a lowered nocturnal room temperature, 1.6A?A?C cooler at night, but no effect on daytime room temperature. The average daily temperature fluctuation in the reduced nocturnal temperature (RNT) rooms was increased by 2.1A?A?C. In the large scale trial, feed intake and ADG was higher than in the control rooms. These results were not found to be statistically significant; however, reducing temperature setpoint could provide a net return of 0.80 CAN$/pig sold raised during summer months in Saskatchewan.

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