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Author(s): Ronald O. Bates
Publication Date: January 1, 1999
Reference: National Swine Improvement Federation Swine Genetics - Fact Sheet Number 5
Country: USA


Recording performance data is common place within many swine businesses in the United States. Information such as sow farrowing and weaning data and changes in feed and pig inventories are used regularly for both tactical and strategic planning. Animal performance data within the commercial pork industry is primarily used to monitor production system dynamics and to pinpoint strengths and
weaknesses within each phase of production. A secondary use, chiefly for sows and boars, is evaluation of past performance of individual animals within the system.
Within seedstock farms, animal records are used primarily to monitor the performance of individuals for the prediction of genetic breeding values. Monitoring production system status is of secondary nature. All pigs within purebred or nucleus systems are uniquely identified whereas in commercial
systems, individual identification occurs primarily for sows and boars.
Seedstock programs implement unique production protocols to standardize conditions so individuals within a group experience similar production and environmental circumstances. Differences
in genetic merit between animals are more notable when individuals compared are exposed to similar
environmental challenges. The comparison of differences in performance records between individuals
is a key element in identifying genetically superior individuals. To accomplish this objective, data collection must follow specific protocols so that differences observed between individuals more accurately reflect their differences in genetic merit versus differences due to non-genetic factors.

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