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Author(s): C.F.M. de Lange, B. Piwarski and D. Gillis
Publication Date: January 1, 1994
Reference: Prairie Swine Centre Annual Research Report 1994 pp. 22-25
Country: Canada


Feed costs are the single most important cost factor in commercial pork production; in growing-finishing pigs feed cost may be as much as 70% of total production cost. An important means to reduce feed cost is to more closely meet the nutrient requirements of the growing-finishing pig at the various stages of production. This can be achieved by feeding the barrows and gilts separately (split-sex feeding) and by reducing the levels of expensive nutrients in the diet as pigs grow heavier (phase-feeding). A study was conducted to evaluate a systematic approach to developing a 3-phase and split-sex feeding program for PSCI pigs using a total of three diets.
Phase and split-sex feeding can be complicated by the challenge of providing numerous diets to a single barn or room. This problem was partly overcome in the current trial by using only three diets and strategically selective them for each sex based on body weight. In this trial, substantial improvements in gross margin were demonstrated through the combined effect of phase and split-sex feeding with minor effects on animal performance and carcass value.

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