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Author(s): Jongbloed, A.W., H. Everts and P.A. Kemme
Publication Date: January 1, 1991
Reference: Recent Advances in Animal Nutrition. Haresign, W. and D.J.A. Cole editors. Butterworths, London. p.65-80
Country: Netherlands


As the phosphorus (P) available or digestible for the pig in feed originating from plants additional P from inorganic sources is to be added to the diet. In order to lower P excretion, the pigs requirements have to be well known and the digestibility of P well assessed in the feedstuffs from plants, animal or feed phosphate. The results of digestibility tests made on many feedstuffs are presented. And the apparent digestibility varies from 10 to 50% for plant origin feedstuffs and from 65 to 90% for feedstuff of animal origin and feed phosphates. The factors affecting the P digestibility are the origin of feedstuff, the concentration of phytate and of the total P and the presence of phytase. Plant phytase and also microbial phytase enhance the digestibility of P. Using 1000 units of microbial in the pigs’ feed will enhance the P digestibility by 20%. The requirements for P for the pig have also to be well determined and can vary according to the physiological stages, to environment, genotype (very lean pigs will have slightly higher requirements of 5 to 6%), feeding level and major ingredients used (wide variation can be observed between countries). Recommendations on P requirements should be made considering the digestibility of P and not the total P available.

Phosphorus requirements and absorption by pigs is well presented. The approach using the P digestibility of feedstuffs to meet the pig’s requirements is an efficient one toward excessive and unnecessary P excretion.

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