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Author(s): Dr. Jane A. Carpenter
Publication Date: April 22, 2012
Reference: AHSI Annual Report
Country: Canada


For this study Niagara Peninsula was selected as the first PRRS ARC&E trial region. 74 sites were tested with 44 being PRRSv enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) negative and 30 being PRRSv ElISA positive. A procedure to eliminate PRRSv has been completed at 14 sites. The first was not successful in eliminating the PRRSv field strain from the pigs, in the second, the pigs are currently testing PRRSv negitive. Twenty-eight herds have been identified for on-going diagnostic testing using the HerdChek PRRS X 3 antibody ELISA test on serum. Sampling methods will be used for evaluating these areas and will be assessed. These methods include the use of ear swabs for polymerase-chain reaction (PCR) testing, ELISA and PCR tests on oral fluids and meat juice ELISA testing.A process for communication has been created to communicate changes in a sites PRRS status. The PRRS risk assessment and EpiData surveys have been done and the analysis is being completed.

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