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Author(s): R.W. Wills, J.J. Zimmerman, K.J. Yoon, S.L. Swenson, M.J. McGinley, H.T. Hill, K.B. Platt, J. Chistopher-Hennings, E.A. Nelson
Publication Date: August 23, 1997
Reference: Veterinary Microbiology 55 (I 997) 23 I-240
Country: United States


This study attempts to expand on the knowledge we have about the PRRS virus especially about the shedding patterns of PRRS. Four week old PRRSv antibody-negative pigs were instranasally inoculated with PRRSv. Serum samples were taken until 213 days post inoculation (PI) also fecal samples were taken. Turbinate, tonsil, lung, parotid salivary gland, spleen, lymph nodes and serum were collected postmortem on day 220 PI. Evaluation of the samples found that no PRRSv was isolated from fecal matter, but 3 of 24 samples were PCR positive. Viruses were isolated in oropharyngeal samples, and all tissues collected postmortem were VI negative and postmortem tonsil samples were also negative. An important element in the transmission of PRRSV is the duration of virus shedding. This study provides evidence of the persistence of PRRSv. It also explains how the long term herd infection and transmission happen through the purchase of clinically normal but PRRSv infected pigs.


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