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Prairie Swine Centre is grateful for the assistance of the George Morris Centre in developing the economics portion of Pork Insight.

Financial support for the Enterprise Model Project and Pork Insight has been provided by:

Author(s): Whittington, Lee
Publication Date: January 1, 2006
Reference: Centred on Swine Volume 13, Number 1
Country: Canada


The Pork Interpretive Gallery is looking for volunteers to help champion the pork industry.

This is an opportune time to brainstorm about the groups of people that would benefit by hearing more about growing pigs in your area;

Staff at the local financial institution

Town Counsellors

Rural Municipal Counsellors

Chamber of Commerce

Church organizations

School staff members

School classrooms

Economic Development offices

4-H clubs

Agriculture Producer clubs

Grain Handling facilities staff and board members

Community clubs such as Lions, Elks, Optimist, etc

These are people making decisions and playing leadership roles in your community. They need accurate information to make good decisions on behalf of the constituents they represent. It is in the best interest of the industry to make sure current research and information is made available to them.

The Pork Interpretive Gallery provides valuable resources and learning experiences about the production of hogs. The interest by the general public steadily grows with respect to the operation of modern pork producing farms. The centre disseminates science-based facts that confirm the importance of pork in the food industry and the statistics to prove it.

Saskatchewan Pork Development Board, Prairie Swine Centre and the Pork Interpretive Gallery have developed an array of excellent resource materials and information fact sheets to assist in delivering the message about the industry to Western Canadian communities. The Pork Interpretive Gallery Management will gladly assist in any way.

School Visits
Materials developed for school visits is based on the Saskatchewan School curriculum guidelines. It is the same information handed out at the centre.

The grade 4,5 & 6 curriculum is mainly about healthy bodies, controlling disease and the importance of eating a balanced diet. Young people need to be aware that pork in a healthy nutritional choice when planning their daily food intake

The Grade 7/8 teachers use the tour to compliment the Science and Social Studies program. Renewable resources, Micro-organisms and Power are just a few

High School teachers and U of S professors consider the gallery to be a great teaching tool for Ag 30 classes as well as vet and pre- vet classes.

The Pork Interpretive Gallery was recently invited to the Rocanville Children’s Science Fair. The kindergarten to grade three students enjoyed a one-hour presentation all about Pigs.

Community Information Sessions

The Pork Interpretive Gallery has the resources to develop individual presentation package that will raise awareness of the many opportunities in the pork industry and address the questions participants may have.

The gallery has been designed to open the doors to the industry and invite people to learn all about the inner workings of hog operations, current research and to gain a better understanding of the importance of raising pigs in today’s economy. Presentations should provide general information on pigs, recent research on Nutrition, Behaviour and engineering and the statistics that strongly support a positive impact by the pork industry on the municipal, provincial federal and international economy. An overview of the industry would include a description of the role of today’s producer, good safety practices, animal welfare, the impact on the environment; manure, odour and water concerns as well as the sophistication of the industry in reference to the career opportunities, Information Technology and the impact on communities.

Any one that would be interested in presenting information to in your local community or participating in a school visit or community meeting, please let us know. It means so much more when the presenter is someone from the community.

The Pork Interpretive Gallery is a unique new science based learning centre that is easy to talk about. If you can help out in any way please contact LeeWhittington by calling 1-866-PIG-Tour or emailing to express your interest. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

The Bottom Line

We have lots to brag about as an industry.

Leadership role in environmental issues around the world. As the growing demand for pork increases world wide, pork producers in western Canada have expanded hog production facilities to help meet the growing food consumption demands

Produce Canadian pork products in a safe and responsible manner.

Maintain strict Biosecurity programs to maximize animal health and ensure genetic integrity in the hog processing industry.

Establish high standards in technology, genetics, animal welfare and feed formulation.

Place high priority on ensuring the good neighbour policy, protection of water supplies, manure management and odour control as good environmental stewards.

Let’s work together to champion the industry.

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