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Author(s): Whittington, D.L.
Publication Date: January 1, 2006
Reference: Prairie Swine Centre Media Release
Country: Canada


Saskatoon, SK., September 22, 2006: Dr. John Patience, President of the Prairie Swine Centre, and Neil Ketilson, General Manager, Saskatchewan Pork Development Board (Sask Pork) wish to announce the transfer of management of the Pork Interpretive Gallery (P.I.G.) to Sask Pork.

As part of the development of the PSC Elstow Research Farm, a subsidiary of Prairie Swine Centre (PSC), the industry requested the barn provide a way for the general public to view modern pork production from a vantage point inside a barn. To this end a novel “gallery” approach was built into the barn design. John Patience sums up the industry reaction, “Throughout the two years of development and fundraising, and the most recent three years of operating the Pork Interpretive Gallery (P.I.G.), I have never been involved with a project which achieved and sustained so much grass roots support. Pork producers speak of this project with great pride and admiration, matched only by the enthusiastic comments we continually receive from people who have toured the facility.”

With financial and in-kind support from the pork industry, PSC has successfully operated the P.I.G. for the past three years. The gallery is a unique public communications vehicle and will now be an in-house project for Sask Pork. This will allow PSC to focus on its primary mandate of providing a Centre of Excellence in applied swine production research. “By transferring daily operating responsibilities for the P.I.G. to Sask Pork personnel there is a more appropriate link between organization mandate and the activities the organizations are involved with” notes Dr. Patience.

“The public’s perception of the pork industry is fundamental to the growth and development of the pork sector in this province” notes Neil Ketilson. “The Gallery complements Sask Pork’s communications and agri-education programs. To support the project, we have added a new staff member, Jessica Podhordeski, who joins the organization as Agri-Education Coordinator. Her role will include the management and promotion of the Pork Interpretive Gallery to schools, international visitors and the public.

The link between Prairie Swine Centre and the pork industry has always been important for both organizations and this change only further strengthens that relationship.

To book a tour call 1-866-PIG-TOUR (744-8687)., or visit

Located in PSC Elstow Research Farm, a 600-sow commercial farrow-to-finish barn, the redesigned attic space provides a professional, welcoming gallery with windows to view the pigs below. In addition, the facility uses a science-centre approach in providing guided tours, informative signage and interactive displays for visitors to learn the science and practice of modern pork production first hand in what has become known as a ‘living classroom’. To date the Pork Interpretive Gallery has hosted over 4,500 people, half of which are school-aged children and teachers. In addition to school groups the P.I.G. has hosted numerous international visitors, local government, pork producers and general public tours.

Prairie Swine Centre Inc., located near Saskatoon, is a non-profit research corporation affiliated with the University of Saskatchewan, and is recognized globally for its contributions to practical, applied science in pork production in the disciplines of Nutrition, Engineering and Animal Behaviour.

Saskatchewan Pork Development Board was established in April 1998, Sask Pork is a non-profit development board funded by a provincial hog check-off. The organization works on behalf of pork producers to ensure continued environmental, social and economic sustainability for the pork industry.

Key areas of activity include:
· Producer services including delivery of the Canadian Quality Assurance (CQA®) On-Farm Food Safety Program, Animal Care Assessment (ACA), and the Trucker Quality Assurance (TQA®) animal transport program.
· Funding of swine research accounts for nearly 30% Sask Pork’s annual total budget. Projects funded include those that focus on animal and human health, environmental, manure management, production issues, and pork quality.
· Industry development and sustainable production
· Product promotion including consumer and retail programs
· Provincial and national on-farm and off-farm policy development
· Communications and community relations
· Agri-Education and management of Pork Interpretive Gallery (P.I.G.) at Elstow, Saskatchewan
· Partnership Programming including the annual, international Pork Industry Symposium coordinated jointly by Sask Pork and the Livestock Development Branch of Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food.

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