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Prairie Swine Centre is an affiliate of the University of Saskatchewan

Prairie Swine Centre is grateful for the assistance of the George Morris Centre in developing the economics portion of Pork Insight.

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Author(s): Lee Whittington
Publication Date: April 18, 2012
Reference: Centred on Swine 17-2
Country: Canada


During the past 20 years of operation Prairie Swine Centre with its funding partners and research collaborators world-wide has developed a reputation for practical solutions addressing global competitiveness through developing technologies, personnel and knowledge products. Since inception the research objectives for the Centre spoke a language that both the industry and researchers could embrace and pursue.  After nearly 20 years the Centre has trained 48 graduate students, plus summer students, post-doctoral fellows and employees that every day work in academia, commercial production, government and supplier industries.  Our compliments and thanks to those pork producers, university and government leaders who foresaw the need, attracted the necessary people, funding and leadership to make Prairie Swine Centre happen.

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