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Precision nutrition can significantly reduce feed cost by improving nutrient efficiency and reducing N and P excretion

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Precision feeding systems address some of the key issues in today’s intensive livestock farming which are as follows.

  1. Reducing feeding costs by improving feed and nutrient efficiency
  2. Improving production system sustainability by increasing profitability and reducing production footprints
  3. Increasing food safety through traceability
  4. Improving animal health by the automatic monitoring of individual animals and the responsible use of antibiotics

Essential elements of precision livestock feeding systems include.

  • Precise evaluation of the nutritional potential of feed ingredients
  • Precise determination of nutrient requirements
  • Formulation of balanced diets that limit the amount of excess nutrients
  • Concomitant adjustment of the dietary supply and concentration of nutrients to match the evaluated requirements of each pig in the heard

For the purpose of enhancing the Canadian markets sustainability and competitiveness  precision livestock feeding systems are developed to do as follows.

  1. Feeding pigs within a herd according to their individual daily nutrient requirements which:
    1. Reduces feed cost
    2. Reduces feed fabrication, storage, management and shipping costs
    3. Reduces nitrogen, phosphorus and other polluting manure constituents
  2. Managing feeds and animals by advanced computerized technology to:
    1. Allow real time off farm monitoring of feeds and animals for optimal slaughter and production strategies
    2. Reduce labour requirements and costs
    3. Allows early detection of diseases and precise application of treatments causing  improved herd performance
  3. Allows easy application of optimal production strategies with each herd to:
    1. Automatically manage individual feed supply and composition
    2. Facilitate the evaluation of new feeds and feed sub products
    3. facilitate the determination of nutrient requirements

Precision nutrition can significantly reduce feed cost by improving nutrient efficiency and reducing N and P excretion

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