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Production VS profit- balancing income and expenses

Posted in: Economics, Pork Insight Articles, Prairie Swine Centre by admin on July 31, 2017

Balancing income and expenses
Time line for implementation
• Short term versus long term

Managment and labour requirments
• High versus low labour requirments
• High versus low management requirements

Financial implications
• New capital investment or not
• Increased operating cost or not
• Speed of return on Investment of capital and/or operating dollars

Risk versus reward
• High risk versus low risk
• High reward versus low reward
• Security versus flexibility


ACTION 1- Reformulate diets as required

ACTION 2- Optimize dietary energy level to maximize net income

ACTION 3- Exploit the full diversity of available ingredients

ACTION 4- Gradually convert DE/ME to NE

ACTION 5- Track the implementation of feed budget

ACTION 6- Increase growth through management and capital investment

ACTION 7- Regularly review shipping weights to ensure they optimize net income

ACTION 8- Minimize sort losses but avoid overdoing it

ACTION 9- Optimize sow herd productivity

ACTION 10- Trim inorganic phosphate in the diet and utilize phytase


Production VS profit- balancing income and expenses

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