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Author(s): Montserrat Torremorell and William T. Christianson
Publication Date: January 1, 2002
Reference: Banff Pork Seminar 2002
Country: Canada


PRRS can be a very costly disease to any hog producing outfit. One such method to eradicate PRRS is eradication without depopulation based on herd closure (AKA roll over, flow-through, or normal attrition). Knowledge of disease entry must be known so that biosecurity measures can be taken to prevent re-infection. The most common PRRS sources include pigs, semen, transport, people and equipment. Herd closure refers to no entry of replacement animals. This method works to progressively replace positive animals with negative ones and achieve a negative breeding herd over time. This method is really only practical if the barn has an isolated location (to prevent re-infection), strict on-farm biosecurity, semen from a negative boar stud, negative replacement animals, clean trucks, and multi-site production. The first step of this method is to develop an infected, recovered and immune population of reproductive animals. This is done via the gilt pool and should only be done in a stand-alone breeding barn. The second step is to close the barn to replacement animals for 6 months. This can be made feasible by developing an off-site breeding project or introducing a sufficient number of replacements into the herd prior to closure. The third step is to obtain a source of negative replacements (both gilts and semen). Step four includes the introduction of these negative replacements into the farm. The fifth and last step is the elimination of the virus from growing pigs. This requires a depopulation of the nursery to leave a population of PRRS negative animals behind them.

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