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Author(s): Rom, H.B. and P.J. Dahl
Publication Date: January 1, 1997
Reference: Livestock Environment V. Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium. American Society of Agricultural Engineering. St Joseph, Michigan. p.71-77
Country: Denmark


The ammonia that is found in the air of the swine buildings comes from the microbial decomposition of the urea that is present in the slurry. Considering that 70% of the protein that is in the feed intake is excreted in the urine and the feces, the link between the protein content of the feed intake and the ammonia evaporation source strength is of prime importance. Experiments were realized under nearly commercial conditions on two groups of pigs and for the 5.3 kg per pig total Kjeldahl-Nitrogen (evaluated using Kjeldahl methodology) that was fed to the pigs during the entire fattening period, 3,7 kg per pig Kjeldahl-Nitrogen was excreted in the slurry, which correspond to 68% of N excreted. Average ammonia emissions were measured and the results showed that for the entire fattening period, the emission was approximately 0.73 kg per pig for the section fully slatted and the emission was 10% lower for partially slatted floor. The nitrogen balance done on the fully slatted section showed that the manure removed from the building contained approximately 3.0 kg Kjeldahl-N per pig. The factors influencing most the ammonia emission was found to be the pH value and the temperature of the slurry, the pig live weight and finally the ventilation flow rate.

The nitrogen flow in the production cycle of the pig production is well presented. The results agree with other experiments realized with other research teams. However no statistical analysis is presented to help analyze the results.

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