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Author(s): J.F. Patience and D. Gillis
Publication Date: January 1, 1995
Reference: Prairie Swine Centre Annual Research Report 1995 pp. 29-31
Country: Canada


Maximizing net income from pork production requires consideration of all aspects of diet formulation. Energy is the most expensive component of the diet, followed closely by amino acids. While representing a smaller portion of the total feed bill, minerals and vitamins still represent a significant expense, one which needs to be reflected in benefit to the pig and value to the pork producer. The finishing phase of production was targeted in this study because this is the period when most of the feed is consumed. In addition, it is known that certain vitamins are effectively stored in the liver and fatty tissue and also that cereal grains and other dietary components contain significant quantities of at least some of the vitamins which are less effectively stored by the pig. With animals destined for market, there would be no need to consider the impact on subsequent reproductive performance. This experiment was conducted to determine if removal of vitamins and trace minerals from the finishing diet for periods of approximately 3 or 5 weeks prior to slaughter would affect the animal performance and carcass merit. No differences among treatments were observed, suggesting that removal of such supplements may be without affecting animal performance or well-being. The economic benefit of such a change will vary among farms, depending on the current cost of supplementation; it is estimated that a typical savings of about $1.00 per pig sold may be realized.

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