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Prairie Swine Centre is grateful for the assistance of the George Morris Centre in developing the economics portion of Pork Insight.

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Results Pages

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Results Pages


  1. Age and Weight Based Weaning Programs
  2. Measuring Ammonia Emissions from Swine Barns
  3. Performance Not Impacted by DE Concentration
  4. Research Benefits the Pork Industry
  5. Changes in Feeding Behaviour in Large Groups
  6. Response of Growing Pigs to Flaxseed
  7. Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Manure Storage
  8. Reducing H2S Exposure Through Water Spray
  9. Methods to Reduce H2S Levels in Swine Facilities
  10. Interaction of Net Energy and Feeding Level
  11. Impact of Space Allocation in Finishing Pigs
  12. Nutritional Value of Zero Tannin Faba Beans
  13. Crude Protein Impacts on Water Utilization
  14. Impact of Crowding in the Grower-Finisher
  15. Finding Opportunity Using Mustard Meal
  16. Proper Feeder Adjustment Increases Feeder Capacity
  17. Performance Maintained with Low Protein Diets
  18. Feasibility of Concrete Swine Production Facilities
  19. Maximizing Water Utilization
  20. Reducing Nitrogen Excretion Using Diet Manipulation
  21. Group Size and Grower – Finisher Productivity
  22. Finisher Performance Maintained with Low Crude Protein Diets
  23. Controlling Odour and Dust Emissions in Swine Barns
  24. Pig Performance Independent of Wheat Class
  25. Belly Nosing Does Not Impact Tail-Biting
  26. Pros and Cons of Large Group Auto Sort Systems
  27. Prod Use Stresses Pigs
  28. Water Sulphate Levels and Your Barn Environment
  29. Defining Space Allowance for Finishing Pigs
  30. Ractopamine Improves Room Close-Outs
  31. Large Litters Do Not Impact Variability

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