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Author(s): Pastl, R., Hultgreen, G., Schoenau, J., Mookleki, S.P.
Publication Date: January 1, 0000
Reference: Pastl, R., Hultgreen, G., Schoenau, J., Mookleki, S.P. (). Shallow Injection of Hog Manure into Grassland. Sask. Forage Council, PAMI, Soil Science Dept-University of Saskatchewan.
Country: Canada


The objective of the study was 1) to evaluate the practicality of shallow injection of hog manure into typical grassland stands in Saskatchewan, 2) to determine the effect hog manure has on forage yields, quality and nitrate levels, at various application rates and 3) to determine the effect on soil nutrients under various hog manure application rates.
The effect of manure on increasing N availability is shown in the increases in plant N uptake with manure application. There was a significant increase in plant N uptake at all locations and at all rates when compared to the control. The yields in plots treated with hog manure were 1.5 to 4 times higher than the control plots in all years and locations. Grassland stands appear to be well suited for the practical application of hog manure in an environmentally friendly manner. The most economical application strategy appeared to be that of applying 74,000 L/ha every other year.
As a result of this study a commercial coulter liquid hog manure applicator system was developed. This system will dramatically increase the land base suitable for liquid hog manure injection and will provide a much longer window of application and reduce likelihood of surface water contamination and nitrogen loss to the atmosphere. This method also did not increase the weed density of treated plots over the controls.
An issue of safety to consider is that studies have shown that high nitrate concentrations in feed have been implicated in the sudden death of livestock animals. Therefore, prudent producers should ensure that a proper forage quality analysis is carried out before any forage is used as feedstuff. Therefore more research needs to be done, as there is not enough data at this point in time.

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