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Author(s): Megan. L. Strawford, Yuzhi. Z. Li and Harold. W. Gonyou
Publication Date: January 1, 2004
Reference: Annual Research Report 2004, Prairie Swine Centre. 2004.
Country: Canada


The total number of injuries detectable on sows increased until 28 days after regrouping before declining. First parity sows and post-implantation sows ate later in the feeding cycle, while first parity sows and unfamiliar sows rested in the less optimal areas of the pens. Thus, the behaviour of older, familiar and pre-implantation sows indicates that they are experiencing less stress during regrouping.

Regrouping is a stressful time for pigs. When sows are regrouped shortly after breeding, stress may alter behaviours and result in a decrease in farrowing rate. The severity of the stress the sows are experiencing can be reflected in injuries, eating order and resting locations. The goal of this study was to determine the effect that stage of implantation, familiarity with penmates, and parity have on the behaviour.

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