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Author(s): Evans, R.O., P.W. Westerman, (1) and M.R. Overcash (2)
Publication Date: January 1, 1984
Reference: Transactions of ASAE. V:27(2): 473-480.
Country: United States


The rates used for this experiment are very high and were selected with the idea to verify the long-term effect of manure disposal as opposed to valorization and optimization. In this experiment, the runoff represented less than 1% and the subsurface drainage 25% of the annual water input. The application rates of 325, 650 and 1300 kg N/ha – year represent 1 time, 2 and 4 times the recommended application rate for Coastal bermudagrass. Both the medium and the high rates resulted in nitrate concentration in the water higher than the recommended level of 10 mg/L. P accumulation in the soil resulted from the N application at N recommended rate. Considering N as the element to set the application rate, P recommended rate was exceeded by 3 times. P was fixed by the soil, however by the fifth year of the experiment, higher P concentrations were measured in the runoff. Even if many years are necessary before seeing P leaching, P should be considered to determine the application rates as well as N.

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