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Author(s): Lyschynski, D. and G. Hultgreen
Publication Date: January 1, 1997
Reference: 1997 Saskatchewan Pork Industry Symposium, November 13 and 14, 1997. Saskatoon. p. 53-56.
Country: Canada


The Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI) has been involved in manure management and odour control research since 1990. Work has been realised on different stages of manure management. A layer of 6 to 10 inches unchopped dry barley straw has been found to be reduce significantly the odour emissions from earthen manure storage (EMS) and with High-Line Manufacturing (Vonda, SK) the Top Gun round bale blower has been developped to unroll the bale and blow the straw on top of liquid manure. The odour reduction is efficient for up to 6 weeks and at that time more straw can be applied. When adding a straw cover, a chopped blade has to be applied on the pump in order to chop that straw. In order to remove the soil from the buttom of the EMS, the Pitsweep has been developped and consist in a sweep auger attached to the pump inlet. The solids are then moved to the pump inlet and pumped with the liquids. The traditional agitation of the whole EMS in order to get the solids into suspension is not necessary anymore and less odours are thus produced. To transport the manure, continuous flow system (CFS) (using irrigation piping) has been compared to batch system (BS) (conventional pull type or truck mounted tanks). CFS presents some advantages with its large capacity, less field compaction and less damages done to the roads compared to BS. Work has to be done to improve the start/stop control of such systems and to improve flow control. PAMI has developped an injector with shanks spaced at 12 in. in order to deliver manure evenly and 1 1/2 in. diameter hoses to prevent clugging from straw, hair and other debris. Testing started this fall with the Green Trac injection system for manure injection into forage crop (low soil disturbance with 1/2 wide slot that are 4 1/2 in. deep. PAMI and Univ. of Saskatchewan are working on a 3 year research project in order to maximize the agronimic and environmental benefits of swine and cattle manure valorization.

Many different aspects of manure management has been investigated by PAMI and work has been done to develop new equipments for manure handling that result in less environmental impacts.

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