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Swine Nutrition Guide

Posted in: Publications by admin on July 29, 2010

Swine Nutrition Guide


Chapter 1:
The Science of Nutrition

Chapter 2:
Gastrointestinal Physiology
the stomach, small intestine,
and large intestine


Chapter 3:
nutrient availability and requirements, energy, amino acids,
minerals and vitamins


Chapter 4:

animal source, plant sources,
fats & oils, mineral ingredients and synthetic amino acids

Chapter 5:
Diet Formulation

select & characterize ingredients, evaluating diet quality,
and conducting a feeding trial 

Chapter 6:
Nutrition of the Breeding Herd

feeding the gestating sow, feeding the lactating sow, feeding the sow at weaning, and feeding boars 


Chapter 7:
Feeding the Suckling Piglet

need for supplemental iron, water requirements, used of milk replacers, and creep feeding

Chapter 8:
Feeding the Weaned Pig

nutrient requirements, feeing programs, diet composition, diet formulations, and feed additives

Chapter 9:
Feeding Management of Market Hogs

feed intake, feed utilization, factors affecting nutrient requirements, phase feeding, split-sex feeding, feed seperation, feed wastage, and monitoring performance

Chapter 10:
Diet Processing and Delivery

grinding, mixing, pelleting, liquid feeding, drying grains, and mixing feed on-farm

Chapter 11:
Toxic Substances in Feed

toxicants produced by plants,
prevention of mycotoxin
contamination, and treatment


Chapter 12:

impact of water quality, response to poor quality water, water delivery, requirements and intakes

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