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Author(s): Marriott, J.P., A.D. Beaulieu, J.F. Patience
Publication Date: July 4, 2010
Reference: 2009 Annual Report, Prairie Swine Centre pg 36-37
Country: Canada


The pig’s energy intake can be manipulated through restriction of its feed intake or by altering the energy density of its diet. The former approach is commonly taken in a research setting while the latter is generally the more common approach in commercial pork production. Restriction of the growing pig’s feed intake results in decreases in energy intake and in average daily gain. Some authors report analogous findings when dietary energy concentration is manipulated while others report that changing dietary energy concentration does not affect energy intake or growth performance. The objective of the present experiment was to compare the pig’s response to changes in energy intake brought about by either a change in feed intake or altering dietary energy concentration.

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