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The Future of Agriculture: Challenges, Threats, Barriers and Opportunities – Banff 2018

Posted in: Pork Insight Articles, Production by student on July 26, 2018

Author: Steven D. Savage

Reference: Banff Pork Seminar Proceedings 2018



  • Global demand for food will be increasing significantly
  • Declining expertise
  • Social license challenges: the concept that focuses on how societal pressures, permissions and perceptions influence the ability of a give industry to do what they need to do to succeed

How is social license posing a challenge

  1.  Direct involvement is decreased
  2. Decreasing public investment
  3. Little understanding of the influence of science based regulation on safety and sustainability of agricultural systems
  4. Some regional regulations are highly influenced by politics
  5. Widespread mistrust in the food system
  6. Subset of food companies that use aggressive, negative and inaccurate descriptions of their competitors


  • Communications; ability to advocate for agriculture and “debunk” myths
  • Confrontation
  • Competition

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