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Author(s): L.A. den Hartog and S.R. Sijtsma
Publication Date: April 29, 2011
Reference: Advances in Pork Production, Volume 22. 2011.
Country: Canada


With the cost of feed accounting for 60% of production costs it is important to improve productivity and efficiency. However, the requirements of the customer, consumer and society need to be taken into account. This brings the idea of focusing on sustainable precision livestock farming as a future goal. The consumer demand in developed countries has become concerned with animal welfare, environmental impact, quality, safety, and the type of production system. With a growing population there will be an increased demand for food, but while developing countries will have a rapidly  increasing demand for meat products developed countries will have, a much slower, or even stagnant, growth. Meanwhile, costs for feed could increase as supply becomes more limited. There is potential for improving productivity and efficiency while meeting public demands through newly developed and promising technology. Genomics have improved crops through the use of genetically modified crops, and there is still further developments possible. As well, genetic markers can be developed to allow testing for traits like meat quality and disease resistance. Nutrigenomics will be able to help determine the precise nutrient requirements in certain conditions. Microsystem and nanotechnology have the potential to be useful for sampling for micronutrients, contaminants and toxin metabolites inside and outside of an animal. Information and communication technology will allow for developments like automated feeding systems, and allow for ease and accuracy in sharing data. Near-Infrared Spectroscopy can quickly and easily sample feed for macro nutrients, and has the potential to do the same for micronutrients and contaminants. Overall, using current technological advances, and continuing to research and develop them will allow improved precision while meeting societal needs for sustainable farming.

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