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Author(s): Pfeiffer, A. (1), F. Arends (2), H.J. Langholz (1) and G. Steffens (2)
Publication Date: January 1, 1993
Reference: In Nitrogen Flow in Pig Production and Environmental Consequences. Edited by M.W.A Verstegen, L.A. den Hartog, G.J.M. van Kempen and J.H.M. Metz. P.313-317
Country: Germany


5 pig houses were chosen for a total of 2600 pigs from 25 to 115kg liveweight. Ammonia emissions are collected and trapped for each day separately. The results show that for the buildings were the ventilation extracted the air from under the slatted floor, the difference between the treatments were not significant as the air movement was higher close to the manure. Differences obtained between farms are difficult to explain on the base of the design as emissions vary within the same type of floor, partly slatted, for different sir supply technique. In some cases the ambient temperature had probably an effect on the emissions. Significant differences come from the treatments with lower ammonia emission obtained with the treatment B (lower CP diet) the results being for the lower 10,0 g NH4-N/pig-day for A and 8 for B in same farm (ventilation and systems identical, partly slatted and above floor ventilation with air supplies coming from doors) and the highest being 22 g NH4-N/pig-day for A and 12 for B with in a building fully slatted with the Optimavent fresh air intake system.

No statistical analysis was done on the housing systems so it is difficult to know if the differences are significant or not. And no explanation for the variation between the different building systems is done. No enough information is given to explain those variations. Further, no information is given on ventilation rates which can have an effect on ammonia emissions as high ventilation rates will result in higher air movement and higher emissions.

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