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Author(s): Scott Dee
Publication Date: May 29, 2003
Reference: International Pigletter May 2003
Country: United States


There has been debate about the transmission of the PRRS virus through the air, some do not believe it is possible while other state that PRRS can be transmitted by aerosols. One test to prove if PRRS transmission by aerosols was possible involved pigs being held in  a transport trailer 30 meters from the side of a swine barn that had fans blowing in the direction of the trailer, and inside the barn there was PRRS positive pigs. There were no air samples that tested positive for PRRS inside or outside of the barn and obviously no pigs in the trailer became infected. This experiment didn’t shed any evidence towards proof  of PRRS being transported through the air, but the experiment did have a large number of variables that could have possibly manipulated the results such as the weather and the types of fans used. To make the experiment less subject to variables, Scott Dee used a 150m long PVC pipe with an air collector on one end and a fan on the other end. A  spray can of PRRS solution was sprayed into the fan side of the tube and collected on the other side. Air samples on the other side of the pipe were tested and were found to be PRRS positive. Then two pigs were held in a box on the non-fan side of the tube and sprayed with the solution, one of the pigs contracted the PRRS virus. This experiment was eye opening to the people who did not believe that the transmission of PRRS was possible by aerosols.

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