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Author(s): Schwarting, G.
Publication Date: January 1, 1995
Reference: Schwarting, G. 1995. The Nurtinger System - A Natural System for Keeping Pigs. 15th Annual Centralia Swine Research Update of Ridgetown College. Pp. 39-42.
Country: Canada


The principle of the Nurtingen system is to surround the pigs body with air like a blanket, while the head is lying in the cold, breathing fresh air. The bed is made of rigid polyurethane and is therefore hygienic, well insulated and very stable. The warm air is coming out of a heater which is installed in the top plate of the bed. Because the pigs will only want to have their bodies in the warm air, they will lie with their heads outside the entrance. Lying in this fashion, the animals satisfy their need for warm amd fresh air. As the bed provides a warm, draft free place for the piglets to rest, the air in the sty can be kept cooler and fresher. Heating costs can be kept very low. You don’t need a heater for finishing pigs, as they warm up their beds from the beginning themselves. A reduction in total losses and an increase in the litter rearing weight in the suckling phase can be realized. The Nurtingen System is much more economical and fair to the animals.

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