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Hydrogen Sulphine Awareness Training for Liquid Manure Handling Systems

The 2-Hour On-Line Workshop Includes Instruction in:

  • Properties of H2S
  • Exposure limits to H2S
  • Detection of H2S
  • Demonstration of H2S monitoring and safety equipment
  • Identifying potentially hazardous locations
  • Importance of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and a hands-on approach to writing a procedure
  • Rescue strategies
  • Importance of implementing an emergency response plan

Who Should take the Awareness On-line Course?

Anyone working in an intensive livestock operation or is involved with the handling of liquid manure. Specifically employees and owner-operators in the following sectors:

  • Swine Industry
  • Dairy Industry
  • Liquid Manure Transportation

Important Information and Education for Anyone Who Works with or Transports Liquid Manure

How can you benefit from the Hydrogen Sulphide Awareness Course?

  • Increased workplace safety by increasing awareness of H2S
  • Discover the latest information in strategies to reduce H2S exposure
  • Training is an investment in people

What will you learn with the Hydrogen Sulphide Awareness Course?

  • H2S gas, its properties and threat to human health
  • How to be prepared
  • How to work towards a safer workplace
  • Rescue techniques and safety procedures
  • Case study learning technique is lively and interactive
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