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Author(s): C.W. Forsberg, S.P. Golovan, J.P. Phillips, A. Ajakaiye, M. Fan and R.R. Hacker
Publication Date: January 1, 2003
Reference: Proceedings of the 2003 Manitoba Swine Seminar
Country: Canada


Transgenic selection is the genetic modification of an organism via addition or removal of select genes. Transgenic selection can do what selective breeding is unable to do, or do it with more certainty. Success in enhancing productivity of domestic animals has been achieved by the use of injectable growth hormone. Transgenic pigs have been developed that generate phytase in the saliva in order to digest typically unavailable phosphorus, without the need of dietary phytase. This in turn results in the need to not supplement diet with phosphorus, thereby reducing phosphorus emission in wastes. Transgenic pigs have been produced in Japan that contained the plant gene FAD2 that produces an enzyme involved in the synthesis of beneficial fatty acids.

Some transgenic work has been done in other species that could prove to be beneficial in the swine industry. In cattle, the protein lactoferrin can be secreted by transgenic cows, which could help piglet immunity. Mastitis in mice could lead to a transgenic pig that creates an enzyme in the udder to break down the bacteria that cause mastitis (such as Staphylococcus aureus). Some work in mice could also lead to transgenic pigs that synthesize important antibodies. Pigs created transgenically need to be examined to make sure there is nothing that could be allergenic to humans as a result of this DNA manipulation. When transgenic pigs become available (estimate 3 to 4 years), there will be no need for production changes. They will be able to grow and thrive in current operation standards. There is a gradual change in consumer awareness of valuable characteristics of transgenic products such that by the time there are transgenic pigs ready for market there will be an informed and accepting consumer base ready to purchase transgenic pork.

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