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Upcoming Swine Industry Events

Posted in: Press Releases by admin on November 3, 2015

The next several months are a busy one in the hog industry.  While winter can create different challenges within the production system, being properly prepared can save time and money.  Throughout the winter there are several key hog industry events designed to provide pork producers new ideas in management and technologies to enhance the overall sustainability and competitive position of their business.  Take this opportunity to attend these events – follow the links for more specific program details for each industry events.

Saskatchewan Pork Industry Symposium
November 17-18, 2015
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Topics include:

  • Novel management strategies for the farrrowing sow, Dr. Jennifer Brown
  • Raised without antibiotics pork production, Dr. Shawn Davidson
  • Dealing with Mycotoxins in the Grower-Finisher Barn, Dr. Denise Beaulieu
  • Enrichment and exercise for swine, Dr. Yolande Seddon

Brandon Hog Days
December 2, 2015
Brandon, Manitoiba

Trade show and carcass quality competition

Farms at the Table Conference
December 9-10, 2015
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Topics include:

  • What’s up with our Food? Positioning Canada’s Food System for Change and Opportunity, David McInnes
  • The Power of Opening Farmer Gates, Joe Pozzi
  • From Farm to Shelf: A Retailer’s Perspective, Federated Co-operatives

Banff Pork Seminar
January 12-14, 2016
Banff, Alberta

Topics include:

  • Optimizing Feed & Farm Management to Market Conditions, Mike Tokach
  • Alternative Feedstuffs & Feeding Programs, Ruurd Zijlstra
  • Key Indicators of Breeding Herd Productivity, Ron Ketchem
  • Animal Welfare & Public Perceptions, Temple Grandin


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