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Author(s): Funk, Ted, L., Robert, Matthew, J.
Publication Date: January 1, 0000
Reference: Funk, Ted, L., Robert, Matthew, J. (). Variable Rate Manure Spreader: Technology to Validate a Nutrient Management Plan. University of Illinois; Urbana-Champaign
Country: United States


Federal and state regulations require reporting of manure application to cropland and imply that calibration of equipment must be carried out to some (unspecified) level of accuracy. Furthermore, there are areas within many fields where application of manure is not allowed at all; automatic shutoff of equipment when entering those setback areas is needed. To control for all of the factors involved, a variable flow control is necessary as they can reduce the time spent in field calibration, give more accurate results with as-applied verification, reduce commercial fertilizer inputs and provide a higher level of accountability in implementing nutrient management plans. The objectives of this project were to 1) develop a reliable, low-cost prototype variable rate slurry application rate control system for a vacuum loaded tanker and 2) develop a rational strategy for determining the expected accuracy of a variable rate manure delivery system.
The prototype developed could be used for existing tankers or for towed-hose applicators as an add-on lower cost control system linking ground speed sensing with magnetic flow meter installations. The pneumatic pinch valve might also be used as a A

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