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Author(s): J. Fox
Publication Date: March 27, 2014
Reference: London Swine Conference, 2014
Country: Canada


Pigs are susceptible to heat stress, so transporting in extreme conditions can lead to increased incidences and increased mortality. Water sprinkling is used in barns to reduce body temperature, and it could potentially work within a trailer as well. This study examined the effect of water sprinkling on behaviour, internal temperature, physiological changes, and meat quality. The microclimate of the trailer was also recorded. The results show sprinklers reduced the temperature increase and humidity decrease in the trailer, and had no effect on ammonia levels. During lairage, pigs with sprinklers had fewer drinking bouts and spent more time lying. All pigs experienced an increase in gastrointestinal temperature, but it appears to be more related to exercise than external temperature. However, pigs with sprinklers had a greater reduction in internal temperature at arrival. Overall, sprinkling gave some improvement in body temperature, and results could possibly be more significant with the use of active ventilation as well.

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