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Author: Shannon White

Effect of Gender and Crowding on Variation in Days to Market

Variation in the production chain has a large economic impact. Variation of growth due to gender and crowding during the grower-finisher phase were examined. Less crowding reduced days until market by four days. Holding gilts longer than barrows may be beneficial as barrows reached market...

Mask Use in Swine Barns Reduces Health Effects

Dust and gas exposure is common in swine barns. Workers exposed are at a higher risk of having decreases in lung function levels, developing respiratory symptoms and increases in airway reactions. To reduce exposure, workers should wear a disposable respirator while in the barn. This...

Earthen Manure Storage Monitoring: PSC Elstow Research Farm Inc.

As the Saskatchewan hog industry grows, so does the publics environmental awareness. This has led to earthen manure storages having higher standards to uphold to. These improvements have not decreased public concern, so solute migration through the liners of different hog manure storages are being...