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Annual Report

Developing Weaning Pig Programs Based on Age and Weight

Needs for less antibiotic usage, lower costs, improved performance and reduced variability make feeding the newly weaned pig challenging. Diets were monitored on pigs of different weight and age to see what they respond to better in order to reduce body weight variability after the...

Increasing Diet Tallow and Dietary Energy on Performance

The most expensive nutrient in pig diets is energy. Previous research has shown that diets with differing energy concentration led to equivalent performance in pigs. Dietary energy was investigated regarding its impact on carcass quality, uniformity of growth and its relationship to pig performance. Grower-finisher...

Effect of Wheat Quality and Xylanase Supplementation on Weaned Pigs

Variation in nutritional quality of feed is common and impacts the pigs performance. Protein and fibre content influence nutritional quality between wheat samples. A fibre degrading enzyme supplement may reduce quality variation of wheat on pig performance. The variation was partially reduced by xylanase supplementation...

Crowding Reduces Performance of Weanling Pigs

Floor space in a swine operation needs to be used efficiently in the aspects of space and pig performance. Many floor space experiments examine different group sizes on the same floor space which leads to confounding results due to groups size being a large variable....